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Piston Filler, Sanitary Stainless Steel
Piston Filler with Single Vertical Mounted Piston, Air- Operated with 12" dia x 8" straight side x 8" deep cone bottom, mounted on stainless steel post. AK 6004 Photo and RFQ

Kalish Supercap Tightener/ Retorquer, Sanitary
Kalish Model 490000 Supercap Tightener Retorquer, sanitary construction, 4/6/8 station, 4 sets spindles, 1/60/110 volt. AK 5709 Photo and RFQ

Model 600 KlenzP2Tube Filler, Sanitary
KlenzP2Model 600 Tube Filler, (similar to Kalix KX-600), Sanitary design, rated up to 60 tubes per minute, Single head fill, Heated Jaw Sealing, batch coding, designed to fill up to 400 ml tubes measuring 13.5- 50 mm dia x 45 -170 mm depending on change parts, Unit last ran 4.2 ounce Plastic Tubes, 3/60/220 Volt, Serial#9007. AK 5572 Photo and RFQ

PakSource PSG Mini PMP Pouch Filler/ Sealer, Liquid, S/S
P2Source Global Model Mini PMP Liquid Pouch Filler/ Sealer, stainless steel contact parts, piston fill, rated up to 8 pouches per minute, can handle pouches up to 15" wide x 20" high, presently with 10" heating and sealing bars, mounted on base with casters. AK 5745 Photo and RFQ

Fricke Semi-Automatic Liquid Filler, Sanitary Stainless Steel
Fricke Semi-Automatic Liquid Filler, Model Compact "U" Multi filler,Sanitary Stainless Steel construction, air- operated, Explosion Proof, 20 Kg. capacity, up to 5 gallon containers, unit has 1- bottom up fill nozzle and 1- top fill nozzle, quick change design, with screw capper, with manual, Built 2001.(Prior Service- Flavors- GMP Facility) AK 5293 Photo and RFQ

9 Head Semi Automatic Vacuum Liquid Filler, S/S
Manufactured by US Bottlers Machinery Model B49, Serial Number 374. (9)1/4" diameter vacuum nozzles. all stainless steel contact parts with vacuum jars; manually operated counterbalanced nozzle rack 4 foot long stainless steel dead plate style conveyor with adjustable guide rails, cabinet style painted steel base rear product tank, vacuum pump mounted in cabinet. 1/60/110v AK 4901 Photo and RFQ

Kalix Dupuy Semi Automatic Tube Filler, S/S
Kalix Dupuy Model SOMI Semi- Automatic, Sanitary Stainless Steel Tube Filler, with hopper, capacity up to 400 ml. (Citus Kalix). (2- Units available- price per unit) AK 5686 Photo and RFQ

Vertrod Impulse Tube Sealer, Manual
Vertrod Model 4H/HTV Manual Tube Sealer, 1/60/115 volt. AK 5675 Photo and RFQ

Fasson Model II Appli-Matic Automatic Labeler
Semi Automatic Tamp Labeler for Pressure Sensitive Labels, 10" Dia. Reel x 6" Wide Label Max. Approx 20 per minute, accuated by switch or foot pedal. AK 3092 Photo and RFQ

Avery, Labeler Model 1101-3-RH
top only pressure sensitive, 3/8" - 6" wide x 3/8" - 4" long minimum and maximum labels. AK 3948 Photo and RFQ

Labeling Systems Print & Apply Labeler
Labeling Systems Model 20.80 Print and Apply, Corner-Wrap Around Pressure sensitive Labeler, with Zebra Model 110PAX -4 RFID Ready Printer, Last used with 3-1/2" x 9" long labels. AK 5871 Photo and RFQ

10.5" dia Vector Coating Pan Insert, S/S
designed for Vector adjustable size Lab coating pans, Unit 10.5" perforated drum, 6.5" opening, stainless steel construction. AK 4361 Photo and RFQ

24" dia. Accela-Cota Coating Pan, Stainless Steel
Thomas Model 24 Accela- Cota Coating Pan, Sanitary Stainless Steel construction, perforated pan, 2- spray nozzles, variable speed drive, 8- 30 liter brim volume, pan and drive unit mounted in stainless steel housing, Serial# 24-192. AK 4670 Photo and RFQ

30" Dia. Stokes Angular Coating Pan, Sanitary Stainless Steel
Stokes Model- 900-1-2 Angular Coating Pan, 30" Dia. X 24" Deep, 20" Dia. Opening, Sanitary Stainless Steel construction, Variable Speed, Driven By 1.5 HP, 3/60/208-220-440 Volt, 1730 RPM, Drip Proof Motor, Mounted On Base. AK 4899 Photo and RFQ

Stokes Laboratory Tablet Press
Stokes Model 511-5 Laboratory Tablet Press, single station, 1.5 ton max compression, rated app. 40 -75 tablet per minute, 1/2" max dia x 7/16 max depth of fill, driven by 1/4 hp., 1/60/115-230 volt, 1725 RPM gearmotor, with stainless feed hopper and belt guard, mounted on base with casters.( unit can be converted to manual operation.) AK 4051 Photo and RFQ

Elizatest 3+ Vision Tablet Testing System
Elizatest 3+ Vision Tablet Testing System, with Mettler Model AB-54 in self contained housing. AK 5491 Photo and RFQ

Markem Model 156A, Mark II Tablet Printer
Markem Model 156A, Mark II Tablet Printer AK 5489 Photo and RFQ

11" dia Riva Tablet DeDuster, Sanitary
Riva Model DS, Type 03-2 Tablet Deduster, 11" dia, 7 level, Sanitary Construction, 1/60/ 220 volt with variable vibration control. (Prior Service- FDA Approved GMP Facility) AK 5847 Photo and RFQ

Accel-A-Cota Spray System, S/S
TEKO ( Thomas Engineering) Accel-A-Cota Spray System, stainless steel construction, Positive Displacement pump, in self contained housing. AK 5679 Photo and RFQ

Elizatest 3+ Vision Tablet Testing System
Elizatest 3+ Vision Tablet Testing System, with Mettler Model AB-54 in self contained housing. (Prior Service- FDA Approved GMP Facility) AK 5834 Photo and RFQ

Mocon Vericap 2110
Mocon Vericap model 2110, Checks up to 2,000 capsules/min, 1/60/ 120v, accurate to within +/- 1% of capsule weight in mg, Unit has Size# 0, 1,2, 3, 4 Change Module and manual. AK 5594 Photo and RFQ

Twin Head Bottle Cleaner, Air
Packaging Ltd Model PAC-02 Twin Head Bottle cleaner, mounted on stand, Sanitary. AK 5547 Photo and RFQ

Shanklin Model T-6XL Heat Shrink Tunnel
Shanklin Model T-6XL Heat Shrink Tunnel, 1/60/115 volt, Serial# T-96421. AK 5869 Photo and RFQ

Sure Torque Tourque Tester
Sure Torque Model ST-100 Electronic Cap Torque Tester, 0-100 in-lb applied torque,0-100 in-lb measurement range. AK 5669 Photo and RFQ

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