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50-500 ML Quantative Semi Automatic Tube Filler
50-500 ML Quantative Semi Automatic Tube Filler, Single Piston, Stainless Steel Quantative Semi- Automatic, Sanitary Stainless Steel Tube Filler, Single Piston, with hopper, preferred capacity 50- 500 ml (1.7 to 17 ounce) AK 6163 Photo and RFQ

Pacraft Model PMS Pouch Filler/ Sealer, Liquid, Stainless Steel
Pacraft Model PMS Liquid Pouch Filler/ Sealer, Sanitary Stainless Steel Construction, piston fill, rated up to 5 pouches per minute, can handle pouches 60-250mm wide x 100-350mm" high, presently with sealing bar, mounted on base with casters. AK 6152 Photo and RFQ

PakSource PSG Mini PMP Pouch Filler/ Sealer, Liquid, S/S
P2Source Global Model Mini PMP Liquid Pouch Filler/ Sealer, stainless steel contact parts, piston fill, rated up to 8 pouches per minute, can handle pouches up to 15" wide x 20" high, presently with 10" heating and sealing bars, mounted on base with casters. AK 5745 Photo and RFQ

9 Head Semi Automatic Vacuum Liquid Filler, S/S
Manufactured by US Bottlers Machinery Model B49, Serial Number 374. (9)1/4" diameter vacuum nozzles. all stainless steel contact parts with vacuum jars; manually operated counterbalanced nozzle rack 4 foot long stainless steel dead plate style conveyor with adjustable guide rails, cabinet style painted steel base rear product tank, vacuum pump mounted in cabinet. 1/60/110v AK 4901 Photo and RFQ

Fasson Model II Appli-Matic Automatic Labeler
Semi Automatic Tamp Labeler for Pressure Sensitive Labels, 10" Dia. Reel x 6" Wide Label Max. Approx 20 per minute, accuated by switch or foot pedal. AK 3092 Photo and RFQ

Avery, Labeler Model 1101-3-RH
top only pressure sensitive, 3/8" - 6" wide x 3/8" - 4" long minimum and maximum labels. AK 3948 Photo and RFQ

10.5" dia Vector Coating Pan Insert, S/S
designed for Vector adjustable size Lab coating pans, Unit 10.5" perforated drum, 6.5" opening, stainless steel construction. AK 4361 Photo and RFQ

24" dia. Accela-Cota Coating Pan, Stainless Steel
Thomas Model 24 Accela- Cota Coating Pan, Sanitary Stainless Steel construction, perforated pan, 2- spray nozzles, variable speed drive, 8- 30 liter brim volume, pan and drive unit mounted in stainless steel housing, Serial# 24-192. AK 4670 Photo and RFQ

30" Dia. Stokes Angular Coating Pan, Sanitary Stainless Steel
Stokes Model- 900-1-2 Angular Coating Pan, 30" Dia. X 24" Deep, 20" Dia. Opening, Sanitary Stainless Steel construction, Variable Speed, Driven By 1.5 HP, 3/60/208-220-440 Volt, 1730 RPM, Drip Proof Motor, Mounted On Base. AK 4899 Photo and RFQ

11" dia Riva Tablet DeDuster, Sanitary
Riva Model DS, Type 03-2 Tablet Deduster, 11" dia, 7 level, Sanitary Construction, 1/60/ 220 volt with variable vibration control. (Prior Service- FDA Approved GMP Facility) AK 5847 Photo and RFQ

Accel-A-Cota Spray System, S/S
TEKO ( Thomas Engineering) Accel-A-Cota Spray System, stainless steel construction, Positive Displacement pump, in self contained housing. AK 5679 Photo and RFQ

Mocon Vericap 2110
Mocon Vericap model 2110, Checks up to 2,000 capsules/min, 1/60/ 120v, accurate to within +/- 1% of capsule weight in mg, Unit has Size# 0, 1,2, 3, 4 Change Module and manual. AK 5594 Photo and RFQ

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