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10Liter Collette High Shear Mixer/ Granulator, Stainless Steel
Collette Model GRAL-10 High Shear Mixer/ Granulator, Sanitary Stainless Steel construction,10 liter mixing capacity, 9.5" dia x 8" deep removable non- jacketed Mixing Bowl,Top Mounted 3- Blade Bottom Scraper driven by 1.26 KW/0.72 KW, 3/60/208 volt, 1800/ 1200 RPM two-speed motor and top mounted Chopper blade driven by 0.96 KW/ 0.72 KW, 3/60/ 208 Volt, 3600/1800 RPM two-speed motor, manual bowl lift, with controls. AK 5991 AK 5991 Photo and RFQ

ZC-1 Quadro Ytron Blender System, Sanitary 316 S/S
Quadro Model # ZC-1 Ytron Blender System, Type 316 Sanitary Stainless Steel construction, Unit consists of Quadro Model ZC-1 Ytron Blender, driven by 7.5 Hp., 3/60/ 230- 460 Volt, 3600 RPM, TEFC motor, with Waukesha Model 25 DO Positive Dispalacement Pump with drive and Waukesha Centrifugal Pump, rated app. 15- 40 GPM liquid and 60 #/ min. powder depending on product. (Unit reported to be Rebuilt and Unused) AK 6014 Photo and RFQ

10L Baker Perkins High Shear Mixer/ Granulator, S/S
Baker Perkins Type- 10L High Shear Mixer/ Granulator (similar to Novamix), sanitary stainless steel construction, 7" dia x 11" deep jacketed mixing chamber, bottom driven mixer blade, side driven chopper blade, complete with cover, discharge valve and controls, mounted in stainless steel cabinet. AK 5703 Photo and RFQ

Ika MHD 2000/05 Disperser/ Homogenizer, 316 S/S
Ika Model MHD 2000/05 Disperser/ Homogenizer, Type 316 Stainless Steel construction, rated 3 GPM liquid and up to 1100 #/hour powder depending on product , driven by 7.5 Hp, 3/60/230- 460 volt motor, mounted on base, with hopper. (manual in File) AK 5737 Photo and RFQ

4" Oakes Continuous Automatic Mixer, Sanitary S/S
4" Oakes Continuous Automatic Mixer, Sanitary Stainless Steel construction, jacketed, "V" belt driven by 7.5 Hp.vari-drive, 3/60/230- 460 volt motor, mounted portable base. AK 5243 Photo and RFQ

3 liter Labosphere High Shear Mixer/ Granulator/ Dryer, 316 S/S
Pierre Guerin Type- TSI-3L Labosphere High Shear Mixer/ Granulator/ Dryer, 3 liter working capacity, Type 316 sanitary stainless steel construction, jacketed mixing chamber, chamber rated vacuum internal, bottom driven mixer blade, top driven turbine mixer (requires blade), variable speed drives, complete with cover, discharge valve and controls, Serial# E-7240590, Built1998. AK 4471 Photo and RFQ

10" w x 48" long Young Twin Shaft Continuous Mixer, S/S
Young 10" wide x 48" long Twin Shaft Continuous Mixer/ Pug mill, stainless steel construction, jacketed, driven by 1 Hp. Variable speed drive, with cover, on base, requires paddles. AK 4076 Photo and RFQ

D-800 Arde Barinco Dispershear, S/S
Arde Barinco Model D-800 "Dilumelt" Dispershear, designed for continuous powder/ liquid mixing, stainless steel construction, table top design. AK 4263 Photo and RFQ

36" dia. S/S Continous Rotary Mixer, S/S
36" dia. X 72" long continuous rotary mixer, (similar to Munson), stainless steel construction, internal flights, mounted on tires and trunions, with 1 hp 3/60/230-460/ 1725 drive on casters. AK 3821 Photo and RFQ

450 Gallon Horizontal Paste/ Chocolate Mixer, S/S
52" dia x 60" straight side, stainless steel construction, 550 capacity, app. 450 Gallon mixing capacity, rake type mixing shaft, driven by 20 Hp. Drive. AK 3816 Photo and RFQ

1" dia. Inline Mixer, S/S
Model 1, Nettco Flomix inline mixer, stainless steel construction, driven by 1-1/2 Hp, 3/60/220-440 volt explosion proof variable speed drive, 877 - 2630 output RPM, explosion-proof, direct driven on stand. AK 3515 Photo and RFQ

8" Oakes Continuous Mixer, S/S, 10 Hp
Model# 8MV10A, 316 stainless steel construction, jacketed, driven by 10 Hp., 3/60/230- 460 volt, explosion proof vari-drive, 134 to 1070 RPM output speed, 2" inlet and outlet.(former service- soap). AK 3967 Photo and RFQ

Hobart Model 4146 Meat Grinder
Hobart Model 4146 Meat Grinder, 5 Hp drive motor , on legs. AK 6022 Photo and RFQ

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