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1 Hp Lightnin' Model NLDG-100 Bridge Mount, Stainless Steel
Lightnin Model NLDG-100 Bridge Mounted Agitator, stainless steel stub shaft, 350 RPM Output speed, 1 Hp, 3/60/230-460 Volt, Motor, (requires shaft and blades) AK 6052 Photo and RFQ

0.3 Hp Lightnin Flange Mounted Agitator, With Shaft and Blade, S/S
Lightnin ModelXJSS-30 Flange Mounted Agitator, driven by 0.3 Hp, 1/60/ 115-230 volt, 1700 RPM, Explosion Proof Motor, With 1" dia x 42" long stainless steel shaft, Flange mount 10" dia x- 8 bolt hole mount. AK 6051 Photo and RFQ

50 Hp. Myers Tank Mounted Disperser w/ Tank, Carbon Steel
Myers Model 600/500-50, Tank Mounted Disperser, Carbon Steel construction Variable Speed, driven by 50 Hp., 3/60/230- 460 volt, 1755 RPM Explosion proof motor, 72" long carbon steel shaft with (3) 56" wide paddle style mix blades, mounted on carbon steel tank. AK 5812 Photo and RFQ

20 Hp. Myers Tank Mounted High Speed Disperser w/ Tank, Stainless Steel
Myers Model 600/775-20, Tank Mounted High Speed Disperser, variable speed, driven by 20 Hp., 3/60/230- 460 volt, 1755 RPM Explosion proof motor, stainless steel shaft and blade, mounted on 500 gallon stainless steel tank, 48" dia x 60" straight side, flat bolted top head with 6" x 6" hinged opening and (2) 2" threaded openings, dished bottom with center bottom outlet, mounted on 4 legs. AK 4038 Photo and RFQ

10 Hp. Hockmeyer Variable-speed Disperser
stainless steel shaft and blade, hand hydraulic tilt design, driven by 10 Hp, 3/60/220- 440 volt explosion- proof U.S. Vari-Drive, adjustable from 805 - 3220 RPM. AK 3177 Photo and RFQ

10 Hp Gifford Wood High Shear Homogenizing Mixer, Stainless Steel
10 Hp. Homogenizing Mixer (high Shear), stainless steel contact parts, 10 Hp, 3/60/220-440 volt, 3500 RPM motor, rotor stator design. AK 4611 Photo and RFQ

10 Hp Hockmeyer Varispeed Disperser
Hockmeyer Variable Speed Discsperser, 36" long Stainless steel shaft with discperser style blade, hand hydraulic tilt design, driven by 10HP, 3/60/220-440 volt, variable speed motor. 51" clearence raised. AK 2917 Photo and RFQ

10 Hp. Shar Slow Speed Disperser, Stainless Steel
Shar 10 Hp. Slow Speed Disperser, 32" long stainless steel shaft , 24" throat, pneumatic lift, driven by 10 Hp, 3/60/ 230-460 volt, 1175 RPM, TEFC motor, floor mount. AK 5784 Photo and RFQ

5 Hp. Arde Barinco Model C1 Jacketed Tank Mounted Mixer/Emulsifier, Stainless Steel
Arde Barinco Model C1-05-535-R033-HL Jacketed Tank Mounted Mixer/Emulsifier, stainless steel construction, rotor/ stator design, top mounted on 100 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank, 34" dia x 27" straight side, cone bottom with center bottom outlet, tank rated ATM @ -20 to 200 F int, Jacket rated 150 PSI @ -20 to 200 F, driven by 5 HP, 3/60/ 230-460 volt, 3450 RPM, explosion proof motor, mounted on stainless steel legs. AK 5088 Photo and RFQ

2 Hp Turntable Disperser, Stainless Steel
Motorized turntable, electro-mechanical lift. 3/60/230-460 electrics 24139 Photo and RFQ

0.2 Hp. Arde Barinco, Stainless Steel Hi-Speed Lab Mixer/Emulsifier
Arde Barinco Model CJ-2 Labaoratory Mixer/Emulsifier, stainless steel construction, driven by 0.2 Hp.DC motor, mounted on stand with adjustable height. Requires rotor cover and controller. AK 5797 Photo and RFQ

1.5 Hp Indco High Speed Disperser, Air Operated, S/S
Indco 1.5 Hp. High Speed Disperser, 15" long stainless steel shaft ,7.5" throat, 15" air hydraulic lift; 1.5" under Blade in lowered position, Driven by Air Operated 1.5 Hp motor, tachometer, can holder with blade, will hold 5 gallon pail, table mount. AK 5929 Photo and RFQ

0.75 Hp. Ross Model HSM-100LSK, S/S Hi-Speed Mixer/Emulsifier
Ross Model HSM-100LSK Mixer/Emulsifier, stainless steel construction, 13" long shaft with Mixer/ Emulsifier Head with Rotor, driven by 0.75 Hp. 1/60/115 volt motor, variable speed from 500- 10,000. RPM, mounted on stand with push button lift, desing for 0.3 to 3 gallon mix can. AK 6019 Photo and RFQ

Jim Siegel

H&P Equipment Co., Inc.
14 Skyline Dr., P.O Box 839, Montville, NJ 07045
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